Dricon is family owned and operated for over 20+ years. We employ only the most well versed, well rounded and expressive employees. You will absolutely love the work we do for you, at home or business. At Dricon, we treat what we do has a form of pride! it’s beautiful, elegant, timeless and expressive.

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3D Designs

If you have a design in mind but cannot envision the final
result, we can create a 3D rendered drawing to help create your vision


We can assist in most repair of your current projects to help
reduce costs for a longer lasting project.

Interlocking Pavers

We can use a variety of types of stone and
patterns to cater to your desired look.


When Excavating, we do a minimum of 4-6″ for walkways and
patios, and 8-12″ for areas that need to support parked vehicles.


 Included flagstone into your project will create an elegant
everlasting ambiance to many different applications such as pillars,
porches and patios.

Retaining Walls

Creating retaining walls properly will help to retain
patios, gardens, or just decorative accent walls to complete the look
you want.


Sealing your interlocking pavers will help extend the life of
your pavers due to weathering and most stains.  A very simple and easy
way to project your pavers over time and create a richer and deeper



We only choose the best products from the top suppliers available in Canada. Our suppliers provide a range of products to fit within your budget and desired designs.